Making a Geographic Heatmap with Python

Apr 15, 2017

How to make an interactive geographic heatmap using Python and free tools. This example uses Folium, a Python wrapper for leaflet.js maps and geopandas. Read More


Bad Excel Habits and How to Fix Them

Feb 05, 2017

Avoiding these bad habits will make it easier for others to work with your spreadsheets and make it easier for you to update and maintain them. Read More


Override Bootstrap CSS for Pygments Syntax Highlighting

Dec 05, 2016

How to prettify source code snippets with Pygments syntax highlighting on a bootstrap-powered site. Fix CSS conflicts between Pygments and bootstrap. Read More


Entropy on Cloud VPS

Nov 30, 2016

Installing haveged on a VPS like Amazon's ec2 instances is a good way to ensure it will have a steady supply of entropy that is required to avoid slowdowns and ensure cryptographic security. This post describes how to install it on Ubuntu 16 LTS running on ec2 as well as making sure each instance is seeded with unique random input during it's creation, when entropy is lowest and most problematic. Read More